Week #2

Hello and welcome to Week #2. We launched the site Week #1 and here we are, one week later.

Great times.

What makes Week #2 so interesting is that two things happen starting right now:

1. Actual blogging starts.
2. Actual novel writing starts.


The dust has settled it’s time to get down to the actual work.  I’m still working out some pesky details (Will my three-year old computer last a whole year?  Do I really have to pay full price for Adobe Acrobat?!), but I’m confident those things will work themselves out with a little kick in the pants by yours truly.

As we progress, I’ll be adding widgets to the sidebar to make the experience a little more visually stimulating.  First up, though, is my email address.  It’s over there under the heading Contact The Author.  Did you know that the formatting I’m using is a common technique employed to thwart site-trawling bots from snatching email addresses?  It’s true.  Zombie computers all over the world are constantly combing the globe’s billions of websites, collecting addresses for the sole purpose of disgorging appalling quantities of useless spam into unsuspecting inboxes.  By spelling it out like that, you make your address not look like an address, which allows you to hide in plain sight.

There’s your tech tip of the day.

I plan to post something every weekday here, allowing for the odd day when sunspots cause the internet to freeze up or there truly is nothing to say.

We’re off and running, folks.


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